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Mat Gauthier ~ Singing Impressionist   

What can I say about  Mat Gauthier, singing impressionist, and  rising young star from Sarnia, Ontario, whose humour, impressions, and singing voice combined almost defy description?   Mat Gauthier needs to be seen and experienced to be fully appreciated, and the world needs to see and experience his performances.   Simply put:  Mat Gauthier’s talent, like a bright shining star, is  brilliant.   At this show,  Mat earned two full standing ovations from the crowd which was awestruck by his creative genius.  Watching Mat, you feel you are seeing someone who could well become  a star on the “big stage.”  He’s that talented.  

Mat cracked the audience up with his clever parodies of songs covering a wide range of musical genres; for example,  his Tina Turner (We Still Need Another Zero) and James Blunt (Was Pitiful) parodies were wickedly funny!  And, incredibly, he sounded exactly like Tina Turner and James Blunt.   Other hilarious parodies, among the over 100 that he does, ranged from Frank Sinatra, Cher, David Lee Roth, The Beach Boys, CCR, Kiss, Lionel Richie, Keith Urban, Jim Morrison, Archie & Edith Bunker, AC/DC, Men Without Hats,  all the way  to a brand new band called Bowling for Soup that I’d never heard of!  And he sounded exactly like each of them too!   His newest   masterpiece “The Radio,” featuring the beginnings and endings of songs on 10 different radio stations,  blew everyone away and earned him a crowd-roaring standing ovation. Then, changing the pace, Mat Gauthier, an accomplished singer with a 5-octave range, delivered a beautiful and moving rendition of The Prayer which has been sung by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. Again, as one, the fans rose to their feet to deliver another prolonged  standing ovation. In fact, the woman sitting  next to me, whom I’d never met before, sobbed for 10 minutes she was so touched by Mat’s performance and kept saying to me “He’s brilliant, he’s brilliant.”

Check out Mat’s website, and don’t miss a Mat Gauthier performance.  This modest and down-to-earth young man, who is really just starting out,  possesses outstanding talent and needs to be seen and heard.
Details: www.matgauthier.com

The live recording of the new Hillsong United album- ‘United We Stand’ was a history making night. Thousands gathered on the last night of Encounterfest, a three-day encounter with God, to put to record what God is doing in the hearts of young people. The presence of God was all-consuming as the United Worship team led in 13 new songs, continually pursuing a fresh revelation of the salvation of God.

Check out their website: Hillsong's United